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About the ECC

The European Cancer Concord® (ECC) was established in 2013 under the stewardship and funding* from the Society for Translational Oncology®.

The ECC consists of a group of European cancer patients, patient advocates and professionals, working in partnership to improve outcomes for European cancer patients.

In order to provide tangible benefits for European cancer patients, the ECC created a “European Cancer Patient’s Bill of Rights,” a patient charter that underpins equitable access to optimal cancer control and research for Europe’s citizens.  This was launched at the European Parliament and endorsed by the EC Health Commissioner on World Cancer Day 2014. To find out more about the launch, click here. An updated version of the Bill of Rights and its strategic implementation was presented at two meetings on World Cancer Day 2016, in Brussels and Strasbourg.

We are now working towards the implementation of the Bill of Rights. This challenging phase of work involves identifying mechanisms and establishing the delivery vehicles that will help to bring about the core goals of the BoR. The three key features of our work are to:

Europe provides some of the best cancer care in the world and conducts high-quality, globally recognised cancer research.  However, there are still significant disparities between European nations and regions in:

There are major disparities in the quality of cancer management and in the degree of expenditure.  This results in unacceptable inequalities in cancer outcomes for European cancer patients.  In addition, costs of current treatments and long term follow-up are placing significant economic burdens on European health care systems.  Improvements in quality of care, translation of research discoveries, and promotion of innovation will have to be achieved within affordable models.

The ECC seeks to catalyse change by working in an innovative, supportive and collaborative way with the many organisations which strive to improve cancer outcomes at the European and national level.

To find out more about how we aim to achieve our goals, please see our Implementation Strategy.

Further information on the background of the ECC is provided in our Constitution.

To stay up to date with our work, please visit the News and Activities page, which will be updated regularly.

*We gratefully acknowledge the funding provided to STO which has been deployed to support the work of the ECC. STO received generous grant support and contributions in kind from AlphaMed Cancer Foundation, Hogan Lovells, Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Sanofi and Bayer along with the pro bono contributions of advocates and the patients they passionately represent.